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Mike Birbiglia's Working It Out

Mar 29, 2021

Mike discusses Hannah's award winning Netflix special “Nanette,” her new special “Douglas” and together they dig deep into the solo show process and how her new show may end up including a “spectrum gazelle.”

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Mar 22, 2021

Mike and Fred have a candid chat about the secret rules of Portlandia and the comedy writing lessons of SNL. Fred describes how they arrived at the title for “Portlandia” and Mike describes how he arrived at his brand new solo show title that he debuts in this episode. All that and Fred shares his Mike...

Mar 15, 2021

Aubrey Plaza is a beloved comedic actor for her role as April on Parks & Rec & many acclaimed indie films including "Black Bear" which she not only starred in but also produced. The two discuss their shared love of indie film, Aubrey’s gloriously awkward talk show appearances, & why she'd make the perfect Oscars host....

Mar 8, 2021

Mike is joined by Broadway legend Nathan Lane who just so happened to have changed Mike’s life 13 years ago. 1 month after they met Nathan was the witness for Mike’s wedding at City Hall…and then 4 months after *that* Nathan presented Mike’s off-Broadway debut Sleepwalk With Me. Nathan has hilarious stories...

Mar 1, 2021

In anticipation of Pete’s March 24th appearance at the Worldwide Comedy Pizza Party (tickets at we are re-airing one of the most popular episodes we’ve ever done. The highlights? Pete does a pitch perfect impersonation of Mike and Mike feels comfortable asking Pete for advice about Jesus. These two...