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Mike Birbiglia's Working It Out

Sep 28, 2020

Mike and Pete are old comedy friends, which is why Pete does a pitch perfect impersonation of Mike, and Mike feels comfortable asking Pete for advice about Jesus. If you’ve ever listened to Pete’s legendary podcast “You Made It Weird,” you know that these two crack each other up. It’s a fun ride with tons of...

Sep 21, 2020

Maria Bamford has been one of Mike’s favorite comedians for a long time. Maria discusses the time she cold-called a Catholic priest even though she’s not Catholic, stories about Air BnBs, why Domino’s might be more helpful than a suicide hotline, unorthodox covid vaccines, and the recipe for grilled cheese....

Sep 14, 2020

Last year Jimmy Kimmel cooked Mike meatballs and then Mike dropped them on Jimmy’s front lawn. This interview goes better than that! Join Mike and Jimmy for a candid chat about schoolyard fights, right wing hit jobs, pre-existing conditions, and people who claim to not like pizza. Also, Jimmy has listened to all...

Sep 7, 2020

A Message From Mike, a Preview of Upcoming Episodes, and a Repost of Episode 1